I am a professional editor. Depending upon my availability and teaching schedule, I offer private reading and editorial services to new and established writers. I have been editing books privately for fifteen years, and many of those manuscripts are now books in libraries and stores across Canada. I work in the same three genres that I write in, literary fiction and nonfiction and poetry.

I tend to be too busy to take on editing jobs from January to mid-April, when I teach a masters seminar in Creative Nonfiction for the University of Guelph. But three months passes quickly, so if you enjoy my work as a writer and are looking for a tough but responsive, compassionate editor, please get in touch with me. 

I also teach a correspondence program for the Humber School for Writers, and you can look for me up on their website :


I will be teaching in the Humber School for Writer's Fall 2014 Workshop Program, which is one week long. You can find more info about the program on the Humber website.